Sunday, June 30, 2013

4th of July Inspired American Flag Necklace

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IMG_0621Jewelry-making is one of my fave hobbies.  I haven’t talked about it much here, because I have been focusing more on lifestyle things to post on, versus my artsy-fartsy side.  If you look at the top of my blog, there is actually a link to my Etsy shop where I sell these pieces. 

I have always been crafty since I a very young age.  Around age 8 or 9 I learned how to crochet, by 11 I was painting glass and candle-making, and in college I began card-making.  Over the years I have re-visited many of these activities when time permits and to keep my skills up.  Mostly recently, I got into jewelry-making last summer.  I don’t exactly remember what sparked my interest in it, but one thing is that I love jewelry, so it comes natural.  I have spent so much money over the years in retail stores buying cute accessories, and now I make them.

I try to keep my Etsy shop updated with new pieces monthly, but unfortunately I haven’t had the time or inspiration the past few months.  Well, with the 4th right around the corner, I got some motivation.  I decided to create an easy Americana flag inspired piece.  I chose a chain necklace with a small America flag pendant, because I’m all for understated pieces.
This piece is cute and dainty, and appropriate for all ages.  I love simple, easy pieces like this, because you can throw it on with just about anything.  This piece is available in my Etsy shop now!

This post is also featured on my Sweetz Shoppe Jewelry blog/website.  Its where I post all my new creations and update readers on what’s in my shop and what’s coming up.
Happy 4th! Enjoy your BBQ, time at the beach, your time with family and friends, or whatever the holiday brings for you. And…last but not least enjoy some FIREWORKS, even if you watch them on tv!

Happy Bumping!



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