Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby This Week | 24 Weeks

Yep, that's right we have officially hit viability! What a big feat, now just 16 more weeks to go, if that! We are also at cantaloupe status this week. Whaaaa...your telling me my kid's a cantaloupe?! Okay, okay, logically I know my baby isn't a cantaloupe, but he or she is as big as one. This week baby's skin is gradually becoming less see-though and it starting to look more opague, soon it will start getting some pigment too. Baby is heavier now and let me tell you, I can tell! She or he weighs about 12.7-20.8 oz and is about 11.8 inches long. So basically, this kid already takes up my whole abdomen. This is probably why I him or her in my ribs sometimes. Baby's brain is also growing quickly now, and his or her taste buds are continuing to develop. The lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help his or her air sacs inflate once he hits the outside world. Also, baby has developed waking/sleeping patterns and real hair (not lanugo) has begun to grow on the head.

Baby - Always rolling around and punching and kicking in there!  This kid is active all day...and night!  The movements, or kicks and jabs have definitely gotten stronger.  I'm also starting to rally be able to feel whole body movements.  I do believe that baby is on some sort of sleeping schedule, mainly during the day, because he or she is less active when I'm at work.  However, as soon as I'm home and resting this little guy or girl wakes up and starts bouncing all around.  I have also noticed that baby is more active when its time for me to eat.  I can't pinpoint if its because maybe my stomach growls and moves or if the baby is actually hungry and telling me, "Hey Mom, its time to eat!".
Me - I'm feeling pretty good!  My belly has expanded by probably a half of an inch to 3/4 of an inch.  Exciting!  I do think that pregnancy insomnia  has started to set in.  I'm up later and its hard to stay sleep, because I'm tossing and turning all night and up going to the bathroom.  My belly has been very itchy as well lately, so I'm know I'm growing and the skin is stretching.  Hair, skin, and nails are looking good and growing well, no complaints!  I did noticed that my gums don't look swollen any more and I'm not getting the teeny tiny blood shed I was getting when I brush my teeth lately.  Overall, nothing major, no signs of pre-term labor, stretch marks, or swelling, so I'm very happy about that!
Hubs - I really think he forgets I'm pregnant sometimes, lol!  I do know that he likes that fact that I'm pregnant, but not necessarily me (or my personality) while pregnant.  I think once baby gets here, he'll be glad to have his wife back.  He's super excited about the baby and we talk more and more about the baby all the time. 
Until next time folks!
Happy Bumping!


  1. So glad all going well ... although not sure any of us mums ever recover from the nuttiness of pregnancy.

    thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x

    1. Lol! I know right! Thanks so much for your sweet thoughts and stopping by! :-)


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