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Pretty Little Liars, Episode 1, Season 4 Summer Premiere Review


So if you are here then you must be a PLL fan ready to discuss all the juicy details of the premiere.  Well you’re not alone, I am too! 


Well let’s get to it then:

I thought that the premiere was super suspenseful.  There were even moments when I got a little rattled and creeped out by the tone and setting of some of the scenes.  Basically, the season opened with the girls standing over the trunk of Wilden’s patrol car about the pop the trunk.  Upon popping the trunk we learn that the mystery within it is a pig, yes a PIG!  We waited all these months for that?!  Anyhow, I guess it was fitting with him being a cop and all.  I can’t say I’m sad to see his character go, he was always hounding the girls and was equally just as suspicious as every other person on the show.

The show touched back on Aria and Ezra’s ended relationship, with him accepting a teaching job back at her high school.  His reasoning was that he had a family to now take care of and if Aria wanted to see other people, then sometimes that being the best way to get over someone.  Jump forward about 20 mins in and we see Aria get called to the vice principle’s office, after staring at Ezra while talking to Hannah in the quad.  We then see her sitting nervously outside the vice principle’s office.  She gets called in and confronted about her relationship with Ezra, having evidential pictures thrown at her by the vice principle.  Next we see Ezra being arrested and taken away by the authorities.  But wait…yep, you guess it was a dreamquence, they got us again!  The for real moment is the vice principle simply giving Aria a package to give her mom, and him sending her mom well wishes to feel better.

The plot thicken with Hannah and Mona driving the RV out to a remote farm site to stow away incriminating evidence about them and the rest of the girls.  The episode also slightly touched on Spencer and Toby’s relationship with him being back in town, and on her good side.  Toby’s still a bit shady, but its hard to tell at times whose team he’s really on, A or the girls.  Meanwhile, Emily and Paige are discussing college, resulting in Paige going to Stanford and asking Emily to go with her.  They say they love each other after Emily agrees, and they hug…kiss…and next!  I have a feeling that in true PLL fashion, they will not be together by the season’s end.  The two are clearly going in two different directions, and on top of that Emily seems to still questions her sexuality at times.

Season 4 summer premiere rounds out with the girls attending Wilden’s funeral to basically break into his casket and retrieve whatever incriminating evidence that may be in his casket.  They walk into the church and immediately split up, but not before they notice a woman draped in a black veil.  Once in the church and after splitting up, the scene pans off to Spencer who finds the casket.  Out of the shadows Mona appears stating that they must have received the same message.  They proceed to open is casket and a phone starts to ring.  Spencer answers the phone and Hannah (shocker!) picks up, asking why she’s calling her from her mother’s phone.  Weird!  Now we’ve just opened a huge can of worms, so many questions!  Who put the phone in the casket?  What does Hannah’s mom have to do with Wilden’s death?  Why did only Spencer and Mona receive the message?

The suspense was ridiculous and the episode ended in typical PLL cliffhanger fashion.  We see the black veiled woman now surrounded by an Ali shrine with the dolls that the little girls from earlier in the episode had.  Each doll represents a girl, with a doll in Mona’s likeness being added to the bunch.  The black veiled woman takes off the veil to reveal a mask.  As the woman looks in the mirror, we see her turn from one side to the next, revealing that half of the mask in damaged.  I have my suspensions about who this masked woman could be.  The masked woman is definitely someone either working with A or A herself.  We shall see!

What did you think about last night’s episode?  What are your thoughts? 


Happy Bumping!



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