Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Liebster Award

Liebster Award
I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by 3monkeysmommy a few days ago and am totally honored! 
A little bit of background about the award:
It's received by bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It facilitates in bloggers getting a chance to network and recognize each other, while building reader/followership.  All in all, its way to build community and pay it forward.
So what is the Liebster Award, you ask? It is an award given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. The rules of the award are:
1. Link back to the blog that nominated. - CHECK 2. Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers. - CHECK 3. Answer the questions posted by the nominator. - CHECK 4. Share 11 random facts about yourself. - CHECK 5. Create 11 questions for my nominees. - CHECK 6. Contact my nominees and let them know they have been nominated. - CHECK 

11 Random Facts About Me
1. I’m the only girl out of my siblings and the youngest
2. I’m in the military
3. I live 600 miles away from my home state
4. I hate cold weather, love warm weather…like 85+ is what I’m talking about.
5. Diamonds are my favorite gem
6. I’m a chocoholic
7. I’m arachnophobic
8. I’m 3 months older than my husband
9. I’m both excited and anxious about having a baby (due in October)
10. I drive a Nissan Altima, but have always wanted a Chevy Camaro since the new one came out after Transformers.
11. I’m really big on taking care of my fingernails.  I file and paint them at least once a week, if not twice.

11 Questions from 3monkeysmommy
1) What inspires your blog?  Impending motherhood mostly, but a little bit of everything. I love cooking, especially baking, arts & crafts, entertainment, travelling, shopping, beauty, fashion…I could go on forever!
2) Are you right- or left-handed? Right-handed
3) How many wallets do you own? Two, I use a card case on a daily basis, because its handy in uniform.  I have a larger wallet in my purse with credit cards and such in it.
4) Fav tv show? Too many to pick, but for the moment its Pretty Little Liars.
5) What's your idea of the perfect Saturday night? Anything that involves spending time with my husband.
6) What is your most prized possession? Material – my car, because I actually own it. Personally – my husband and baby
7) Shaken or stirred? Hmm…neither, I don’t drink. If I did drink it’d probably be shaken, because I’m adventurous.
8) How many projects do you have on the go right now? Too many!
9) Who's your celebrity crush & why? Oh goodness…this is another one of those ‘too many to name’.
10) Best book you've read lately? The Bible
11) Fav movie of all time? Again, another too many to name.
And now, I’ll announce the nominees: 
…and anyone else who has less than 200 followers I nominate you for this award.  Please pay it forward and link back to me! :-)
11 Questions for nominees:
  1. What is your fave food?
  2. Sweet or Savory?
  3. Winter or Summer?
  4. All time favorite movie?
  5. Fave holiday?
  6. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
  7. What do you want to be when you grow up? ;-)
  8. What’s your summertime jam right now?  What song got you bobbing your head?
  9. Chocolate chip or Sugar?
  10. Pants or dresses?
  11. The mountains or the beach?
Happy bumping!



  1. Oh my, you like 85° weather? Anything above 76° and I start complaining! Haha

    1. I do! I'm from the South so I'm used to a good 90 degree in the summertime. :-)

  2. Thank you for nominating me! (: I've already been nominated before, but I'll gladly do it again. You didn't state your 11 questions in the post though :(

    1. Jenny, I didn't even see that you;d already been nominated, oops! Nonetheless, don't by any means feel obligated to do it again if you don't want, I won't take it personally.

      Thanks for letting me know about the 11 questions! I knew I forgot something!



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