Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby this week | 18 weeks

Two more weeks and we'll be half way there!  It's so exciting,  can barely contain myself.  Time is really flying by and I seriously can't believe it.  It seemed like the first trimester went by sooo slow, but the second on is literally flying.  It's like I was 12 weeks and blinked and now I'm 18.  I have a prenatal appt and ultrasound coming up the last week of this month.  Great timing, because I'll be coming off of the Memorial Day holiday, so I can go into my appt stress free.  Also, I'm supposed to gain like 4-5 more lbs by then from what the PA said at my last appt, so I think between now and then I'll be able to pack on at least 2-3.  Baby has been having moving a lot lately, especially in the morning after breakfast and pretty much any other time when it's time to eat.  This kid and I already have something in common, we both let it be known when it's time to eat.  My body has been changing as well, and that has been quite an experience.  I do feel like I've popped, but I'm not really not showing too much.  I definitely think my 20 weeks that I will have a definite bump.  I have really toned muscles, so I know it’s a battle between them and my uterus on a daily basis.  I read the other night that if you have tighter stomach muscle to begin with that the stomach doesn't push out as soon, and things are angled more towards the back, and vice versa if you have looser stomach muscles.  While I enjoy this aspect of having a tone body, I worry that I'm not "growing" enough.  Of course it's hard to see your own body grow by the day, because you're walking around with it.  I feel like my uterus is still quite low, but can feel it moving up by the day.  My bellybutton has been popping about half way out some days and other days it's in.  My mom said this will happen before it actually pops out later in pregnancy.  I can feel the baby all over my lower abdomen, like right under my belly button, so I think my uterus is higher than it physically looks.  Especially with my ever-changing bellybutton, I can tell that some growth and change has taken place for sure.

Baby - We are at sweet potatoe status this week, which means that baby is about 5.6" and about 6.7 oz.  It crazy to think that I have something the size of a sweet potatoe floating around in me!  Baby will continue to grow rapidly going forward, which explains my increased appetite.  The baby is yawning, hiccupping (although I have yet to feel this), sucking, and swallowing.  Additionally, baby is twisting, rolling, kicking and punching, which is what I feel the most of.  Also, baby can definitely hear and respond to sounds this week.  The nervous system is now in working order and is forming more complex connections with the brain.  This is an exciting period, because baby is growing and developing so much into its only little person.

Me - I have probably had the best appetite this week since becoming pregnant this week.  I'm glad, because again as I've stated before, my appetite has been very finicky.  Overall, I feel pretty good.  My lower abdomen is very tender most of the time and so are the sides of breasts.  My upper abdomen has gotten bigger, which is another sign that everything is being pushed even further up.  Fortunately, I have no heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, or swelling, so I'm very happy about that.  My gums, especially between my two front teeth have been a little swollen, but nothing to noticeable.  A few times I've have them to shed a little bit of blood while brushing.  My hair and nails seem to be picking up in growth, especially my nails.  My hair has probably grown pretty good too, but I rarely wear it down and don't pay too much attention to it.  My nails are no longer peeling and weak, they have gotten strong again and are getting longer.  This could also be from the fact that I started filing and painting them clear again consistently too.  My skin has been good, although I notice more freckles on my face, but no major blemishes or breakouts.  I have yet to spot any stretch marks, which makes me super happy, because I am diligent about moisturizing my body.  I have had to moisturize about three time a day now, because my belly will start itching and I try my hardest not to scratch.  If it starts itching, I know it's time to moisturize.  I think I hit everything from head to toe here...

Hubs - He doing good, and still catering to my every need.  What a guy, huh?!  He is talking to the baby now at night, which is nice, because I think its important for the baby to hear his voice too while in utero.  I still don't think its hit him and I know he feels weird talking to my stomach, but he's trying.  I also think that once he's able to feel and see the movement that it will become more real to him.  He has been patience and understanding lately, which has been really nice.  Usually he's a pretty laid back easy going guy and really understanding, a man of few words, but there were a few weeks that he was frustrated.  We talked through it and he does his research and tries to remember that a lot of what I do an say is the hormones.

So folks, that's all for now!

Happy Bumping!



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