Monday, May 13, 2013

Pregnancy Glow

You always hear about this alleged "glow" you're supposed to get when you're pregnant.  I have definitely noticed it on other women, most of them being celebrities or in movies or something like that, so it's easy to attribute this "glow" to makeup.  For some reason I always see the "glow" as more of a figurative thing, than an actual physical appearance.  I find that most pregnant women get that chubby look in their face, especially in the cheeks and nose.  To me, this is where majority of the "glow" appears to me.  At 18 weeks, I don't think I have a glow yet...this is probably in part to the fact that I am not noticeably showing yet.  I think the glow comes along with the whole baby bump and basking in all of your pregnant glory.  I have to say, being pregnant during the summer will give me a leg up with this glow business, but I'm interested to see just how it will manifest itself. 

Just a thought and something I'd always thought about when it came to pregnancy.

What do you think about the "pregnancy" glow?

Happy Bumping!


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